Bek Lover a man who has seen a lot and been through a lot. Born in NYC, Bek discusses how his grandfather was an anti-communist fighter and how his family was hunted down by the communist regime in Albania and ultimately fleeing to America. How he lost many people in his lifetime from various events which include the 1999 Kosovo War and his brother. How cigars brought him back to life after the loss of his brother and EVEN being on the ground level of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center.

With the extensive experiences and struggles Bek has gone through, he is more know for being the former king of the New York Nightlife, a motivational speaker and even a podcaster. His podcast The Come Back Team is about helping others by sharing what he knows about this life through his own experiences. After getting knocked down over and over and getting up every single time, Bek’s vision is to help others and make a Come Back!


Check out his podcast:


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